Snow Clearing Devices That Could Save Your Back

High-tech snow removal devices that cause less back strain are replacing the old-fashioned shovel.

Tired, aching and sore from all the manual labor of clearing your driveway? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at some ergonomic snow removal devices that are replacing your handy shovel. Why are people splurging on these high-tech tools? Three big reasons: Less lifting, faster snow removal, and most importantly, decreased back strain.

1. Toro Power Shovel
Don’t be fooled by its lightweight look. This easy-to-use machine has a powerful vacuum action that effortlessly clears away snow.
Price: $115.66

2. Ames True Temper SnoBoss Shovel
An innovative take on the shovel, this device multi-tasks as a shovel, pusher and snow sled. The ergonomic handle ensures that you don’t have to keep bending over when lifting and throwing snow.
Price: $31.99

3. Snow Joe Electric Snowblower
If you have a large driveway, this machine might be the answer to your prayers. An electric machine designed to tackle heavy snowfall, it could save you a lot of manual labor and back pain.
Price: 219.99

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