Super Uses for Sandwich and Freezer Bags

Save time and money with these versatile storage items.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

De-clutter the bathroom
Here’s a quick cleanup solution: Guests are coming over and the bathroom is strewn with Hubby’s razor, shave cream, and more. Quickly gather up all the supplies in one clear sealable bag. That way, he will know where his shaving supplies are and you don’t have to deal with them. Now, if we could just do something about the whiskers in the sink!

Organize your makeup
Many of us have scads of makeup. Pats of ill-advised eye shadow and samples of powder and blush from department stores fill our makeup cases. Problem is, there are only a few cosmetics we really use every single day. Stash those favorites in a sealable plastic bag so you don’t have to hunt around for them every morning.

Stash dirty clothes
Chocolate ice cream is careering down your child’s white Sunday-best shirt. If you can keep the stain from drying, it will be a lot easier to get out. Change your child’s shirt and spray the stained shirt with stain remover if you have a small bottle handy or just soak in water if you don’t. Then seal the shirt in a sealable plastic bag, and it will be ready for the wash when you get home.

Hold spare clothes
Toilet training a child? Need to be ready for meal mishaps? Put a change of clothes for your son or daughter in a sealable plastic bag, and keep it in the trunk of your car. You won’t have to think twice the next time you have an “accident.”

Carry wet washcloth for cooling off
Going for a long trip on a hot and sticky day? Use a sealable bag to take along a wet washcloth that has been soaked in water and lemon juice so that everyone can get a refreshing wipe-off. This is a good trick for fast on-the-road face and hand cleanups anytime.

Keep your valuables dry and afloat
Whoops! You tipped the canoe and got dunked. No biggie, until that sinking feeling hits — your car keys and cell phone are at the bottom of the lake. Avoid this disaster by putting your valuables in a seal-able bag. Blow air into it before you seal the bag so it will float. A sealable bag is perfect for keeping valuables dry at the water park or beach too.

Create a beach hand cleaner
You’re sitting on the beach and it’s time for lunch. But before you reach into your cooler, you want to get the grit off your hands. Baby powder in a sealable plastic bag is the key. Place your hands in the bag, then remove them and rub them together. The sand is gone.

Cure car sickness
The last thing you need in your car is a child throwing up. Make your child feel better and head off the mess and stench. Place a few cotton balls in a sealable plastic bag. Squirt in 2 drops lavender oil. If motion sickness strikes, the child can open the bag and take a few whiffs of the oil.

Use as a portable water dish
Your furry best friend has happily hiked alongside you during your trek in the great outdoors. You take a break, and he gives you one of those longing looks as you draw on your canteen. No problem. You pull a sealable plastic bag full of water from your pack and hold it open while Buddy laps his fill.