The Power of Flowers

A new Harvard study shows that flowers in the home can make us kinder, help beat the blues, and so much more!

  from Reader's Digest | February 2007

Fresh flowers can cheer up any drab room — not to mention score points with your sweetie. But make us kinder as well? So says Harvard psychologist Nancy Etcoff, PhD.

Boost your mood with vibrant, fresh flowers.Andre Cezar/Conica/Getty ImagesBoost your mood with vibrant, fresh flowers.
She sent 54 people either a mixed bouquet or a candle in a hurricane glass. Flower recipients said they felt more compassion toward others than those who got the candles, and reported more enthusiasm at work too. Place blooms in the kitchen or bedroom so you’ll see them first thing in the morning. That’s when moods tend to be lower and blossoms can provide their biggest boost.