Useful Items for Cleaning Almost Anything

Find timesaving strategies for cleaning anything around your home and get answers to your specific cleaning problems here.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Barbecue Grill Rack Fixes for getting your grill barbecue-ready in no time.

Bathrooms Cleaning tricks to get your bathroom smelling — and looking — pristine.

Bathtubs Clever solutions for a spotless tub.

Bloodstains Creative ways to rid clothing of bloodstains.

Carpet and Rug Stains Remove carpet and rug stains without going broke.

Cars Get your ride ready for the road with these clever cleaning tricks.

Coffee Stains Quick ways to clear cups and clothes of coffee stains.

Collar Stains A trick to avoid the task of treating this stain.

Crayon Marks Fixes you can use when young artists mistake your home’s walls for canvas.

Concrete Stains Get your driveways and cement structures looking brand new with these tips.

Cutting Boards Clever solutions for cleaning and disinfecting your cutting boards.

Drapes and Blinds Get your window-coverings clean and dust-free.

Grease Stains Grease stain got you growling? Here are ways to make greasy goofs disappear.

Hands Out of soap with a mess on your hands? Don’t worry — here are quick fixes.

Ink Stains Simple solutions for treating ink stains.

Jewelry Tips to get old jewels and gems looking shiny and new.

Kitchen Sink Get your sink as clean as the dishes it helps you to wash.

Lawn Furniture Get your outdoor furniture ready for picnics and parties with these clever cleaning solutions.

Lipstick Stains Kiss lipstick stains goodbye with these creative stain removers.

Mildew Tricks for making mildew disappear.

Mirrors Out of window-cleaning formula? Try one of these solutions.

Mold A slew of solutions for removing mold.

Ovens Make cleaning your oven less of a chore with these simple solutions.

Perspiration Stains Want to get the underarms of your favorite shirts and blouses clean? Don’t sweat it! Here are natural solutions.

Pets Natural ways to skip a trip to the groomer.

Pots and Pans Say good riddance to grease and grime with these cleaning tricks.

Refrigerator Give your kitchen’s most popular appliance a makeover with these cleaning ideas.

Shower Curtains Refresh your bathroom with these tips for clean shower curtains.

Soap Scum Clean soap scum up quickly with these problem-solvers.

Stains Eradicate life’s little messes and erase tough stains.

Tea Stains Remedies for removing tea stains.

Trash Can Freshen your pail, freshen the room!

Wallpaper Brighten a wallpapered room with these cleaning tips.

Water Rings Stop worrying over water rings — these fixes will make your tables look terrific.

Windows Get glass shining and window frames revitalized with these cleaning tips.

Wooden Furniture Helpful ideas for cleaning wooden furniture.