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Renting a film? Check My Mom’s Movie Review, where comic Lauren Palmigiano’s mother gives her opinions.

Oh. My. God. Loved it. I will watch this 100 times. If I’m in jail and they ask what I want for my last meal—I’ll say, "The Burlesque DVD and lobster."

The Town
I thought it was the Betty White movie, so I was very surprised when I saw it was the Ben Affleck movie. Actually, I didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying because they had the thickest Boston accents I’ve ever heard. It sounded like a foreign language, but I know it was English.

Shutter Island
I thought it was going to be really scary. But I only screamed one time. A one-screamer. Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair in the movie looks terrible. They gave him a bowl cut. He has a tiny Band-Aid on his forehead. They never explain why it’s there. Maybe he had a pimple.

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