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Who’s Homer Simpson Voting For?
Who’s Homer Simpson Voting For?

Red characters, blue characters. It's all here. (Art from If you’re one of the 12… >>

Why Your Beer May Decide Who You Vote For
Why Your Beer May Decide Who You Vote For

You’re sitting at a bar when you ask the bartender for a Heineken. Your friend counters with a… >>

2012 Election: And the Funniest Candidate is…

Before their comedic routines at the 67th annual Al Smith charity event in New York City last week… >>

2012 Election Predictions: The Reader’s Digest Presidential Laugh-Off

Inspired by the statistical and the goofy ways to predict the presidency—Halloween mask sales… >>

10 Cell Phone Rules to Help Save Civilization
10 Cell Phone Rules to Help Save Civilization

After hundreds (if not thousands) of rides on public transportation, I've realized that the only… >>

You Know You've Made It Big When...
You Know You’ve Made It Big When…

If you hit it big, you become a meme like Feminist Ryan Gosling. If you make it huge, you are… >>

6 Common Acronyms You’d Never Figure Out

These terms had us scratching our heads when we tried to guess what they stood for. How many do you… >>

The 7 Types of People You See Every Halloween

Oscar Wilde said, “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth." We're pretty sure he meant… >>

“Weird Al” Yankovic: Genius, Hoarder, Weasel-Lover

He has six platinum records, three Grammy awards for inescapable spoofs like "Fat" and "Eat It,"… >>

Funny Animal Names, Group by Group

A grumble of pugs, an embarrassment of pandas, a kindle of kittens! The Compendium of Collective… >>

Mel Brooks: His Favorite Joke and Other Funny Stories

A rare interview with the legendary Mel Brooks as he looks back on his funniest moments. >>

Cool Photography: Google Faces Finds Smiles from Space

Have satellites captured optical illusions in these pictures of Earth, or is the planet really… >>

the art of clean up, soup
Meet the Most Organized Man in the World, Ursus Wehrli

The world can be a messy place, and Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli is here to help clean it up—with a… >>

goblinproofing one's chicken coop
And the Funny Book Titles of the Year Are…

Ever since Bookseller magazine praised the book "Proceedings of the Second International Workshop… >>

5 Stupid Criminals Foiled by Smart Technology

These thieves have their head in the cloud—literally. >>

3 Unique Homes Built Just for Spite

Forget siblings, government officials, and the public at large: These stubborn homeowners bow to no… >>

crazy cat beds
6 Crazy Cat Beds

Cat bed or conversation piece? We say, why not both? Here's a few hot hangouts for your cat or… >>

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
6 Famous Writers Who Were Masters at Procrastinating

The creative process is rarely standard. In her book Odd Type Writers, Celia Blue Johnson reveals… >>

conan o'brien making america laugh
Seriously: These Famous Funny People Are Smarter Than You

Some of the world’s biggest jokers are also total geniuses. Here, our list of comedians and funny… >>