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Cupcake Ideas So Crazy Only a Mad Genius Could Invent Them

Stefani Pollack, the creative cook behind the "fun, experimental" blog The Cupcake Project, thinks… >>

Weird Science: 'Ig Nobel' and Hilarious
Weird Science: ‘Ig Nobel’ and Hilarious

Science is serious stuff. Except when it isn’t. Marc Abrahams and his annual "Ig Nobel Prizes"… >>

Inside the Comic Mind
Inside the Comic Mind

One of the roughest years of my life was the day I took to the stage to perform a comedy… >>

The Sweet (Rockin') Sound of American English
The Sweet (Rockin’) Sound of American English

It's a question I've often pondered when hearing foreigners talk in an unfamiliar tongue: What does… >>

Strange Views: Caught in Google's All-Seeing Eye
Strange Views: Caught in Google’s All-Seeing Eye

This is spooky...and fascinating: Design magazine Demilked recently featured Canadian artist Jon… >>

Digging (and Deconstructing) Dagwood
Digging (and Deconstructing) Dagwood

Even casual comic strip fans will enjoy The Comics Curmudgeon, Josh Fruhlinger's brilliant daily… >>

Lonely Rover Seeks Companion (Pref. Not A Rock)
Lonely Rover Seeks Companion (Pref. Not A Rock)

Life seems easy for NASA's Curiosity Rover. After landing on Mars on August 6, 2012, it… >>

Lowbrow Goes Highbrow in 'Fake Criterions'
Lowbrow Goes Highbrow in ‘Fake Criterions’

Most movie dorks are doubtless quite familiar with The Criterion Collection, "a continuing series… >>

Squeaky Door Sounds Like Miles Davis
Squeaky Door Sounds Like Miles Davis

Jazz artists study sheet music, expand on techniques and fine-tune their sound for years to… >>

Must Read: Derek Jeter's (Fake) Diary
Must Read: Derek Jeter’s (Fake) Diary

You don't have to be a fan of the New York Yankees to appreciate writer Mark Lisanti's brilliant… >>