This Week’s Surprising Milestone Event You Probably Don’t Know About

By Perri O. Blumberg

What is it, you ask? The most common birthday!

Earlier this week, my co-worker Damon and I discovered we were born a day apart—he’s September 19th and I’m September 20th—even more of a coincidence considering we’re both assistant editors at Reader’s Digest. And later that day, I flipped open the October issue of our magazine to discover this handy infographic from expert Matt Stiles of The Daily Viz:


Image courtesy of Matt Stiles, http://www.thedailyviz.comImage courtesy of Matt Stiles,

The darker the square on the chart, the more people share that birthday. So even though we’re a few days off from the most common birthday, September 16th, we’re still more than a stone’s throw away from the least common: February 29th (no surprise there).

Check out your friend’s and family’s birthdays above to see where everyone ranks.