Funny Jokes

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Boo Who?

Knock! Knock!BooBoo who?It's me, why are you crying?

Cash Who?

Knock! Knock!Who's there?Cash.Cash who?I didn't realize you were some kind of nut!

Cow Who?

Knock! Knock!Who's there?CowCow who?Cow's don't "who" they "MOO"

Ketchup Who?

Knock! Knock! Who's there?Ketchup.Ketchup who?Ketchup with me, and I'll tell you!

Robin Who?

Knock! Knock!Who's there?Robin.Robin who?Robin' you! So hand over your money!

Sam and Janet Who?

Knock! Knock!Who's there?Sam and JanetSam and Janet who?Samenjanet evening.

Save the Polar Bears

During a trip to the zoo, we saw a sign posted next to the empty polar bear exhibit stating that…

Wevill Who?

Knock! Knock!Who's there..! WevillWevill who?We will we will Rock you.

Great Writers

A customer at our bookstore asked me, "Do you have the original book Romeo and Juliet? My…

Listening Skills

"Guess what?" yelled my high schooler as he burst through the door. "I got a 100 on…