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Southern Representative

Danny was hard to miss at our school. A Civil War buff who forever wore his Confederate overcoat…

Speed Signs

As we approached a small town in Illinois, my wife and I were amazed at the crudely painted signs…

Spoiled Rotten

What do you get from a pampered cow?…Spoiled milk.

Stars in the Sky

Freshmen in the general-science class at Mark Twain Middle School in Mar Vista, Calif., were…

State of Disaster

Los Angeles weatherman Fritz Coleman, after a year that included a few earthquakes, several…

Still Living

One of my friends is in charge of the part-time help hired by an old-age home run by an order of…

Strange Request

Toward the close of a banquet held during an Episcopal Church convention some years ago, the bishop…

Stressed Out

While in seminary, I taught the Old Testament to prisoners. One evening as I waited for a guard to…

Taking the First Step

A man walks into a church one day and kneels down to pray. "Lord," he says, "I've…

Tell-All Sign

At church recently, I stopped to study an announcement promoting the youth choir's sandwich sale…