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"I Was Only Breaking the Law a Little!"

My daughter-in-law was driving on the freeway when the sight of flashing lights in her rearview…

Grandma, How You've Changed!

During my mother’s memorial, my five-year-old granddaughter could not stop staring at the urn…

The Wisdom of a Defeated Husband

My husband was cramming all his chores into one day, but each 
job revealed another problem. For…

The Magic Penny

We had just finished tucking our five kids into bed when three-year-old Billy began to wail. Turns…

How to Shock a Time Traveler

If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared, what would be the most difficult thing to explain…

How Do You Get Down...

Q: How do you get down from an elephant? A: You don't. You get down from a goose.

She Shoots, She Scores!

Why should you never breakup with a goalie? Because he's a keeper.

How Far Can a Fox...

Q: How far can a fox run into a grove? A: Only halfway—then he's running out of it!

Why Are Frogs...

Q: Why are frogs so happy? A: They eat whatever bugs them.

I Travel All Over...

Q: I travel all over the world, but always stay in my corner. What am I? A: A stamp.