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Christmas Freedom

The holiday 
a deeply religious 
time that each of us 
observes, in his own way, by…

Better Luck Next Year

I once bought my kid a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying “Toys not…

Insulting Santa

This mall 
Santa seems insulted that I put down that protective paper before sitting on his…

Snappy Answers to Bad Résumés

Professionals at the staffing agency Robert Half International have seen a lot of peculiar…

It Beats a Board Meeting

The office Christmas party 
is a great opportunity to catch up 
with people you haven’t seen…

The Wrong Language

I tried to explain to a client why I couldn’t help him with a project that was written in a…

A Fax?

You’re sending me something via fax? What is it, an important document from 1993? From…

A Late Graduation

At the age of 55, I finally got 
my bachelor’s degree and set out to 
become a substitute…

Confessions of a Military Wife

My husband is infantry, and 
he said the most wonderful things 
to convince me to marry…

Sky's the Limit

Humankind has a perfect record in aviation; we never left one up there. Source: