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Sock it to Me

On the first night of their 
honeymoon, the husband isn’t sure how to tell his bride about his…

Did You Dye Your Beard?

You know you’re getting old when Santa starts looking younger. Robert Paul

The Wright Way to Give

One Christmas, my grandfather gave me a box 
of broken glass. He gave my brother a box of…

Mazel Tov, Mary!

Christmas is a baby shower that 
went totally 
overboard. Andy Borowitz

Christmas Freedom

The holiday 
a deeply religious 
time that each of us 
observes, in his own way, by…

Better Luck Next Year

I once bought my kid a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying “Toys not…

Insulting Santa

This mall 
Santa seems insulted that I put down that protective paper before sitting on his…

Snappy Answers to Bad Résumés

Professionals at the staffing agency Robert Half International have seen a lot of peculiar…

It Beats a Board Meeting

The office Christmas party 
is a great opportunity to catch up 
with people you haven’t seen…