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    Can 4 Hugs a Day Save a Marriage?

    Humor writer Tim Dowling experiments (to his wife's dismay) to find the secret to a happy marriage. >>

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    12 Classic, Wise Proverbs, Updated Through the Eyes of a Cynical Writer

    Humorist Teddy Wayne makes common proverb sayings hilarious. >>

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    Those Kids Said WHAT?! 28 Hilarious Real-Life Teacher Stories

    American educators sent in their funniest classroom stories by the thousands. Read the $1,000 prize… >>

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    Zen Koans for the Internet Age

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    What 87-Year-Olds Give Up For Lent

    “Has your diet changed?” 
I asked an…

    Dog on The Job

    Sometimes I like to sit my dog down for a…

    Never Talk About Religion at Work

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    Wrong Store, Buddy

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