Reader’s Digest Extras from August 2013

Enjoy a sampling of bonus content from the August issue of Reader’s Digest. You can also find much, much more in our digital editions including original photos, videos, and interactive reading.



• Is Your Password Weak?

Amazingly, password was still the top log-in in 2012. Outwit hackers! Make every account password unique, choose unGoogleable security answers, use the space bar when you can, and always test log-ins on

• Classes You Took But Your Kids Won’t

Texting has made typing and cursive obsolete, and traditional home ec and industrial arts are rarely offered in schools today. As for Latin? It veni and vidi but didn’t vici.

• Gross: Kitchen Items You Forget to Clean

New research shows that your knife block, can opener, and fridge drawers can harbor germs that cause food-borne illnesses. Remember to wash them regularly with hot,
soapy water.

• Fast Food is the New Hemline

If skirt lengths can indicate economic health (minis equal booms; maxis mean busts), then fast-food chains’ over-the-top, pricier seasonal items, such as Burger King’s bacon sundae, may also signal robust fiscal times.

• Enduring Reads

Our book editor makes a case for 14 must-reads, including the influential Tell Me a Riddle by Tillie Olsen and the postapocalyptic novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

• Squee! Adorable Animals who get Along Just Fine

Cute Video Alert: Meet five fetching pets who overcame physical challenges thanks to technology, ingenuity, and extra TLC.

• Outrageous Job Perks

We found nine companies that pamper employees: Snowboard giant Burton closes for major powder, Southwest Airlines offers big travel discounts, and Google provides free laundry service, bikes, and massage chairs.

• Fool’s Gold?

Introduced in 2009, the virtual currency bitcoin recently made headlines when Coinbase, an online “wallet service,” reportedly sold one million of the digital dollars.

• Sniff This, Slim Down

Some scents stimulate appetite, but researchers have proved the smell of olive oil, garlic, green apples, bananas, fennel, and grapefruit can curb your urge to eat.


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  • Your Comments

    • gabriel

      The only thing that is within our control is how we react to certain situations. When you lavish your attention on her & her family, it should be done with no expectations of reciprocation in the least. As far as it depends on you, if it is possible, your end of the relationship should be to live at peace and be accepting of her love in whatever form is comes back to you. (Knowing & understanding that principle takes the burden off of us in trying to figure out the why’s & how’s in relationships.) She will eventually sense this, hopefully, and whatever is causing this will be able to be repaired.

    • Rhonda

      You can’t force someone to take an “interest” in you (or your family) it’s either there or it isn’t…so don’t fret about it..Perhaps your sister is jealous that you got the golden apple and she got stuck with the worm…or her husband is creating a distance between you two…either way worry about you and yours she’ll either come around or she won’t it’s not YOUR problem.

    • paw

      First of all, I would discontinue “lavishing” your attention on her family.
      It is obvious she has something going on, perhaps a grudge or some hurt that you are not aware of. I would leave her alone for a while, and see if she comes forward first. Sometimes nothing said is better than saying the wrong thing.

    • Reader8091

      i think “distressed bro” just wants things to be the way they used to be between him and his sis. completely understandable, of course, but an exercise in futility, i fear. the same thing happened to me with my sister. now, if i don’t contact her….there is no contact for weeks sometimes. i’ve even tried just saying flat out “hey, i really miss talking with you. keep in touch, ok?” she always agrees….but she is busy, gets distracted with her own life. what can you do? just try not to take it personally and don’t give up:)

    • Paulina S

      She probably has some issues that she doesn’t want to risk spilling. Ask her to lunch, or simply be readily available to her. She is more likely to talk if she doesn’t feel pressured. Best of luck.