Reader’s Digest Extras from July 2013

A sampling of content from the July 2013 issue.

Enjoy a sampling of bonus content from the July issue of Reader’s Digest. You can also find much, much more in our digital editions including original photos, videos, and interactive reading.


• Eat This, Live Longer »

A large study of 2,692 U.S. adults found that those eating a lot of omega-3s added two years to their lives. Try walnuts,
flaxseeds, salmon, and spinach for a boost.


When the hashtag #nowthatchersdead trended after the former U.K. prime minister Margaret Thatcher died, many misread it as “now that Cher’s dead.” Whoops! See who else made the celeb-death rumor mill.

• A Smile’s Worth »

A British study found that one smile can boost your mood as much as 2,000 bars of chocolate. Which do you think your dentist would recommend?

Neat Summer Song Trivia »

The classic tune “Under the Boardwalk” almost never was. Lead vocalist Rudy Lewis died the night before The Drifters were scheduled to record the song, forcing the band to
impulsively call in former front man Johnny Moore.

Ebert Was A Really Funny Guy »

The late film critic Roger Ebert was quick with the zingers! We’ve rounded up the best, including this one about Armageddon: “No matter what they’re charging
to get in, it’s worth more to get out.”

Why Didn’t We Think of This Snack? Seriously. »

Easy summertime treat: Put the sweet (ice cream) between the salty (pretzels), roll in sprinkles, and freeze for bite-size Ice Cream Sandwich Snaps.

Summer Health Secret »

Coconut oil, which can do wonders for your waistline, also moisturizes skin, hair, scalp, and nails; fights acne; and even subs for deodorant in a pinch.

How to Dry Flowers Instantly »

Put one bloom in a bowl with four cups of cat litter, then microwave on high for two or three minutes.

Clues for Spotting a Liar

Among the microexpressions experts say to look for to identify a fibber are anxious blushing, lip nibbling, and rapid blinking—signs the brain is working overtime. (Pants on fire? Not one of them.)

Summer Reads

Reader’s Digest Picks The Best Summer Books for 2013


Take a look at the making of our bakeless sweets story with this playful video.

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    • Enjoy, life is short

      Pooch Problems: She shouldn’t have to ask, she is your daughter. Make sure she knows the rules as to what you expect “cleaning up after them, their care such as water, food, exercise”. Then enjoy your stepdaughter. Trust me, if you don’t, there may be a time when you regret not having spent the time with her.

    • cambria

      Dear Pooch Problems,
      I, also, recommend getting to know these dogs. They are very friendly creatures, and also known as man’s best friend. However, if you still are against them, put up a friendly “no dogs” sign. Include a “please” and maybe even a smiley face :).
      Sincerely, cambria

    • Christopher Hohman

      To answer the question about the step-daughter and her dog on page 172. It’s quite simple, just explain that if she has to bring the dogs with her, they have to stay outside because you don’t like your house messed up. If it’s potty problems let her know you don’t want a stinky house and that if it continues, she’ll have to pay the professional cleaners bill to remove any odors. Many of the older generation was raised that dogs stayed outside, I know I was. There’s nothing worse than having a house that smells like a dog kennel.

    • Rohith Vuribindi

      Pooch problems, the best answer to this question is to say the dogs can’t come if they aren’t trained, you don’t have to stand the messes that appear around your house just because of the audacity of your stepdaughter. She must ask you about the dogs as that seems the proper thing to do.

    • Vivian

      Re: Pooch Problems, page 172: You need to tell her upfront that the dogs leave a mess and that you don’t appreciate it. Dogs are like kids, and I don’t believe for a second that your stepdaughter lets those dogs act like that in her house. Tell her to control her dogs or you can attempt to control her dogs yourself by finding ways to calm them.

    • Rick Pittsburgh

      Re: Pooch Problems, page 172: Dogs are wonderful creatures, although I understand that some people did not grow up with dogs. My “advice:” get to know these dogs, because they may love you and you might love them. Rick Pittsburgh

    • lucy

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    • Bob

      Loved the 50 Best of America 2013, just one quick observation about #31 – Ausable Chasm. Couldn’t they have cropped the picture to delete the pipes and obvious man-made rock formation? Just sayin!

    • PJ

      You deleted our comments, so once again, where are the extra photos from the contest?