Liz Vaccariello is the Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief for the Reader's Digest brand. She is responsible for driving editorial direction and product strategy across the brand's media platforms. They include: Reader's Digest, the fifth largest magazine in the United States with a readership of more than 26 million; digital media channels such as and editions for the iPad, Nook and Amazon Kindle, on which Reader's Digest continues to be the #1 selling magazine; and books, of which 15.8 million are sold each year.

As the new face of the Reader's Digest brand, Liz brings decades of experience as a trusted, authoritative speaker across multiple media platforms, demonstrating a deep expertise on issues such as health, food and family, among other areas. Liz uses her expertise to select the best content in health, home, family, food, finance and humor to share with consumers to simplify and enrich their lives and help them open the door to new possibilities.

For years, Liz has been a staple on the network morning shows Today and Good Morning America, and has appeared monthly on Rachael Ray to talk about food and lifestyle content featured in the Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. In 2009, she began guest hosting in the fifth chair on the second season of The Doctors. She has appeared on The View, Regis & Kelly, Dr. Phil, Extra and two seasons of The Biggest Loser. Liz also is a five-time New York Times bestselling author, including the 1-million-sold Flat Belly Diet! She went on to write the 2010 follow-up to Flat Belly Diet!, 400 Calorie Fix.

Liz's approach to a happy, well-rounded life is singular, and fits well with the Reader's Digest brand promise to give people simple, easy, proven solutions that improve their lives. Her approachable style, high energy and unique vision have been a point of inspiration for the tens of millions of readers of Every Day with Rachael Ray, where she was Editor-in-Chief from May 2010 to October 2011, and Prevention, where she was SVP/Editor-in-Chief from 2006 to 2010. Before Prevention, Liz was executive editor of Fitness magazine. Prior to Fitness, Liz served as Editor-in-Chief of Cleveland Magazine. She earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of Michigan.

Today, she lives in South Orange, New Jersey. She and her husband, Steve, a professional photographer, have 7-year-old twin daughters.