Our greatest asset is our consumers. They view each day as a chance to learn and to become even more interesting. The strength of Reader's Digest is in sharing their values. And they listen when we speak.

Our audience is grounded in experience, all they've seen and all that lies ahead. They are Life Smart. They are able to put their lives in context with a perspective that gives them confidence. They are seekers… looking for things that feed their sense that "I am interesting!" And they are curious about all facets of life, from health, food and family to finance and travel.

Demographic overview:

National Edition:
Male/Female ratio: 40/60
Median age: 53.5
Median HHI: $58,222

Family Edition:
Male/Female Split: 40/60
Median Age: 47.7
Median HHI: $66,651

Mature Edition:
Male/Female Split: 40/60
Median Age: 61.3
Median HHI: $55,165

Large Print Edition:
Male/Female: 41/59
Median Age: 66.6
Median HHI: $53,074

Source: MRI Fall 2011