• Reality Rocks: Amazing Documentaries to Fit Every Mood

    When it comes to film, there's a time for romance, comedy and, yes, even romantic comedy. But sometimes all you really need is a true story that makes you cry like Dawson from Dawson's Creek, laugh like Nicolas Cage or walk away with…

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  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Academy Awards

    Best your pals at your annual movie-awards party with our slate of Academy Awards trivia.

  • Long Lost Disney Tunes Surface at Last

    Disney movies are hard to outgrow. Whether you watched them over and over again with your kids (admit it, you can hum along to "Hakuna Matata"), or, like me, grew up with them and still cry during Bambi, it seems like the timeless…

  • Monsters University, Now Accepting Applications

    Though my interest in the latest Pixar flicks has diminished slightly since I first saw Toy Story in 1995, I still get a childlike kick out of their animated shorts (have you seen Partysaurus Rex?) and appreciate newer titles. Now…

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  • Better Than a Leg Lamp: A Stocking Full of ‘Christmas Story’ Trivia

    It's time once again to gather around the TV and watch Ralphie Parker and his family overcome bullies, a pack of ravenous dogs, an ancient electrical system, a hideous bunny suit and other hurdles as they celebrate their favorite…

  • If Only: The Best Unmade Movies of 2012

    The end of the year is often a time of reflection, with "Best Of" lists seemingly everywhere. Since 2006, the "Black List" has rounded up the most popular movies that weren't—that is, unproduced screenplays that make the rounds in…

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  • Anything-but-Traditional Holiday Movies We Love

    Because you already know to watch It's a Wonderful Life.

  • It’s a Wonderful @#$%^& Life!

    My family’s favorite Christmas tradition is the annual Driving of the Father Crazy by Watching the Same Movies Over and Over and Over. The main instrument of torture my wife and daughter employ is It’s a Wonderful Life, a…

  • 5 Reasons to See ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

    Director Kathryn Bigelow's follow-up to her Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker is generating buzz nearly two weeks before its December 19 release—and for good reason. I caught an advance screening and can report that it's a…

  • Top Christmas Movies Guaranteed to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

    Cozy up to these top holiday classic Christmas movies.