4 Soothing Sounds to Beat Insomnia

By Alison Caporimo

Nothing gets me to sleep quite like rain on my window. So when skies are clear, I have to get creative.

After many a late night click-fest on the Internet, I’ve uncovered this collection of ambient noises that’s sure to help you catch some Z’s. Check ’em out:

Rain. Thanks to YouTube, you’re covered no matter your personal taste—there’s rain on a tent, a lake or with thunder. Some even last for 10 hours to get you through the night.

Lightbulbs. I don’t know much about this art installation from the Musashino Art University Degree Show in 2011, but its rhythm is calming.

Typing. Perhaps it’s the years of dorm-living and late night paper-writing in college that make this sound so comforting. Choose from fingers tapping on keys with or without mouse clicking. There’s even a typing with background whispering option, which I find both comforting and a little creepy.

Page-turning. Listen to the the slight crinkle of fingers leafing through books. Check out the option for sleepy magazine-lovers.

What sounds do you find most soothing?

(Image by Mark Probst via Wikimedia Commons.)

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