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6 Reasons Our Love-Hate Relationship with Jack Reacher Grows

1. He’s an ugly hero.
Jack Reacher is big and tall, ragged and unkempt. In A Wanted Man, the latest installment in the series by Lee Child, he’s got a freshly broken nose patched with duct tape, making him look even more grotesque. Yeech.

2. There’s no tearful happy ending.
Readers who like a nice romantic wallow with a nice sweet ending are never satisfied by a Reacher novel, where the endings are usually Reacher working as a one-man army against the bad guys. Where’s the romance in that?

3. The books are kind of interchangeable.
It doesn’t matter which order you read the 16 novels in—it’d be nice if there was some development to reward loyal fans. Child’s newest installment will get the same predictable great reviews as all the others, so it’s kind of tough to ask which to choose as a favorite.

4. It makes a terrible gift.
Reacher books are ridiculously popular around the world, and they are equally popular with both men and women. Which means that if you want to buy this for Grandma’s birthday, or Junior’s birthday, or anyone’s birthday, they’ve probably already bought it for themselves. Reacher fans don’t let any grass grow under their feet.

5. Tom Cruise is going to star in the movie.
If you start reading about a heavily built, six-foot-five fighting machine, you will inevitably start wondering what special effects will be in place for the upcoming movie Jack Reacher to enable Tom Cruise to play the part. Then again, Reacher is the ultimate maverick, and Cruise was Maverick in Top Gun. So maybe that explains it.

6. Once you start a Reacher novel, you will unfairly ignore your family.
We speak from experience. Once you begin reading A Wanted Man, you will continue reading it until it’s over, and nothing in the real world will pull you away from it. As this may cause friction among those around you, it’s probably best not to start it in the first place.