Bingo! The Debate Game You’ve Been Waiting For

By Caitlin O'Connell

Your smart phone is charged, your tweeting thumbs are rested, friends have been invited, and your kitchen is fully stocked with snacks and drinks for the first presidential debate, set to begin tonight at 9 p.m. EST. If you’ve been wracking your brain for a creative and fun way to engage your guests during tonight’s discussion of the economy and domestic issues, WNYC has a clever answer with debate bingo.

The radio station is inviting debate viewers to print their bingo cards and play at home or join in online with an interactive version. The cards take lighthearted jabs at both candidates. For example, one square pokes fun at Obama’s tendency to repeat “Let me be clear,” and another refers to Romney’s now-famous “47%” statement.

WNYC encourages open discussion of their chosen bingo tiles, so tag your thoughts or Bingo win with the hashtag #debatebingo. Above all, have fun tonight!

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