Digging (and Deconstructing) Dagwood

By David Noonan

Even casual comic strip fans will enjoy The Comics Curmudgeon, Josh Fruhlinger’s brilliant daily breakdown of the funny papers.  Mary Worth, Mark Trail, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, the Beetle Bailey crew —they’re all here and they’re all fair game for Fruhlinger’s zingers, wisecracks and deadpan analysis.

Writing about this recent Blondie strip, he observes: “Dagwood’s look of befuddlement shows that there can still be surprises in a marriage that’s lasted more than 80 years, and that those surprises are terrifying.” And this Mark Trail strip prompted a probing question: “Gosh, what are our sheep-killing, camera-stealing, Rusty-menacing doofuses up to now?”

Truth is, I think The Comics Curmudgeon is a lot funnier than the comics themselves. Check it out »

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