Fake Movie Posters: The Board Game as Blockbuster

By Diane Dragan

Although I have played Battleship, the board game, I have no urge to see Battleship, the movie. That said: While I have played Jenga, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Connect Four, after seeing the parody posters for them and more at Entertainment Weekly, I am desperate to buy a ticket to all of those made-up movies. Especially Jenga, with its hilariously sinister tagline: “The Jenga Corporation has built the biggest skyscraper on Earth…unfortunately, they just reached the tipping point.” (Funnier than 1974’s real poster for The Towering Inferno, which went with “One tiny spark becomes a night of blazing suspense.”)

I also want to go see Connect IV—which is, naturally, from the makers of Connect III—where the hero/anti-hero “will get you…diagonally.” Pretty sneaky, sis.

Images: Screengrabs from EW.com

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