Fascinating Art: Do You Have a Doppelgänger?

By Alyssa Jung

Doppelgänger theory suggests that everyone has a double, somewhere in the world.

But, is it true? Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle doesn’t just think so, he knows so. Brunelle launched “I’m Not a Look-a-Like!” a project to photograph 200 “twins” who aren’t actually twins, or blood related at all. So far he’s about halfway to his goal. When he reaches it, he plans to publish a book of his black and white collection.

Do you know someone who looks eerily similar to yourself (or someone else)? If so, you can participate in Brunelle’s project here.

If you’re still iffy about long lost “twins,” check out this group at experienceproject.com, where people share stories about bumping into their own doppelgängers.

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