Folks, This Ain’t Normal

By Peggy Woodward, Food Editor, Healthy Cooking

folks this aint normal book cover
Think you’re a greenie because you tote reusable bags to the supermarket, recycle and compost? Joel Salatin, farmer extraordinaire and king steward of sustainable living, would tell you different. His eighth book is preachy, to be sure, but his candid laugh-out-loud anecdotes keep the pages turning. Salatin has big ideas about why today’s food experience is abnormal, dysfunctional and unhealthy compared to even fifty years ago. Multi-crop family farms have given way to industrial mono-crop behemoths and consumers have no idea where their warehouse store ground beef came from. To this he’d argue, “Folks, this ain’t normal.” Moreover, he’d offer workable action items, like he does at the end of every chapter, to do your part in improving the eroded landscape of mainstream farming and food culture.