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Funny Love: I Have a Crush on Sophie Kinsella

By Jim Menick

For most writers, humor is hard to get right—which may be why so few of them try. Especially novelists. Nowadays, if you’re not into the undead, medieval warlords, serial killers or racy fantasies, you’re mostly out of luck. Which is why I’m in love with Sophie Kinsella.

Kinsella concocts romantic comedies that have the distinction of being a) truly romantic, and b) very funny. Plus, she creates likable characters who you hope will get together before the last page. (Even her unlikable characters are at least enjoyable. But don’t worry—they’ll get their comeuppance in the end.) Most of all, you’ll laugh a lot as you go along. That’s the really rare part.

Kinsella’s latest is I’ve Got Your Number, in which our heroine loses her heirloom engagement ring and her mobile phone on the same day. Then she finds another phone that someone has tossed, and eventually becomes embroiled in the life of its former owner. It’s a great setup, and Kinsella plays it for all that she can. “Fun” is the key word for Kinsella’s books. How many other writers can you say that about? While I like her Shopaholic books, it’s in stand-alone titles like I’ve Got Your Number (along with Remember Me? and The Undomestic Goddess) that she shines.

You can learn more at Kinsella’s website.