Got a Minute? Get a Story

Want to download a quick, compelling, no-cost read? A free app called Bookslinger  treats you to a new short story (fiction) every week on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; plus there’s a trove of earlier stories. to browse by category (Love & Consequences, Future Fiction & Fantasy; Thrillers, etc.).  The stories are all selected from published collections.  The newest story available, “How to Fall”  is by National Book Award finalist Edith Pearlman.

Full disclosure: I found out about Bookslinger when they selected a story from a book I wrote a few years ago—they plan to feature it starting Friday. As it happens, it’s a story about my dad, who died 12 years ago this month. which feels like a nice remembrance over the holidays.  My personal connection aside, Bookslinger is a pretty nifty app, and I’m happy to have its cache of stories on my phone, nestled in between my beloved Google maps and Pandora.