I’ll Take The Funny One! Ben Stiller’s Two Faces

By Alison Caporimo

After working on a story about how the left and right sides of the face convey very different sets of emotions (check it out in the September issue of Reader’s Digest!), I’ve become obsessed with the science of expression. It turns out I’m not alone. The New Yorker magazine recently created a short video, using clips from classic Ben Stiller flicks such as There’s Something About Mary, Zoolander, and Along Came Polly. In the video, the actor’s face is analyzed by dividing it into two halves. Staff writer Tad Friend examines how the right side of Stiller’s face expresses his romantic, sincere, leading man side; the left side, naturally, is made for comedy. The video brings up some interesting ideas, but it’s also just a great excuse for a laugh.

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