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Kickstarter: A Wealth of Fascinating Stories

By Jim Menick

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, the site where entrepreneurs can ask for funding from the world at large. The amounts of money they need are reasonable—we’re talking a few bucks, not twenty million to launch a competitor to Facebook—and the projects are absolutely all over the map. When you pledge, you don’t get a share of the profits. But you might get an early release model or a discount or whatever, depending on the project. Even if you’re not contributing, it’s a great site just to poke around, especially as many of the stories are inspiring.

Two worth watching: This one is a really good product idea, and really well executed. I can easily imagine buying one of these.

Then, there’s John Kricfalusi’s animated “Cans Without Labels.” John K created The Ren & Stimpy Show (does anyone else miss Powdered Toast Man as much as I do?) and is wonderfully twisted. His hilarious and heartwarming video pitch describes his tough dad, the inspiration for his new project—and shows him sketching, which is a real treat for animation fans. There’s plenty of funding needed for this one, if any money is burning a hole in your pocket.