Prepare to Be Scared: A Pair of Wild Rides

By Chuck Davis

I’ll admit it: this video scared me to death. I was holding on to my computer for dear life as I watched, and I don’t think I took a breath until it ended. Adam Riemann is a photojournalist (and daredevil) from Motology who took a trip through the Himalayas on his dirt bike. I wouldn’t even want to walk on this path!

In one of those great inexplicable coincidences, almost immediately after coming upon Reimann’s video, I came upon this one. Reimann at least stayed on the mountain. These folks? They jump off!

This is all real. As a matter of fact, you can buy a nice wingsuit of your very own at The Vampire 4, at $1,690, costs more than I paid for my first automobile. But it looks like a lot more fun.