Why Your Beer May Decide Who You Vote For

By Andy Simmons

You’re sitting at a bar when you ask the bartender for a Heineken. Your friend counters with a Sam Adams. With the election a month away, them’s fighting words. That’s because, as The National Journal discovered, beer brand choice is just one more thing divided along political lines—along with, perhaps, craft breweries per capita.

Heineken, Corona, Budweiser, and Stella Artois are supposedly favored by Democrats, while Samuel Adams, Coors Light, Yuengling, and Lone Star skew to the right. For you Independent voters, you’ll no doubt decide on your preferred candidate over a nice, cool Bud Light, Miller’s High Life, or Foster’s.

What with the endless commercials and nasty attacks, this election cycle has driven many a person to drink. Now, at least, we know what to order.

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