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Wired Picks 12 Most Annoying Technologies

By Chuck Davis

What? Only 12? Sure, Wired names some doozies of irritating tech, no question about that. Camera flashes? The worst. And who doesn’t look like the village idiot while talking into a Bluetooth headset?

But I think they’re just scratching the surface of annoyingness. (For example, my computer tells me “annoyingness” isn’t a word—how annoying is that?) And what about amplifiers that pound out bass from a mile away and somehow manage to rattle your windows at one in the morning? Or TVs in the next apartment that are louder than the TV in your apartment?

And as much as I like having an iPhone in my pocket, how could cellphones not rank as the number one annoying technology of all time? (Of course, not when I use mine, but when everyone else uses theirs.)

So, what do you think? Any tech tics to share?