10 Cocktails With Funny Animal Names

Celebrate with something a little different from the traditional Corona or margarita. Try a Love Bird, a Pink Squirrel, a Barking Spider or one of seven other funny-named cocktails.

By Meaghan Cameron from readersdigest.com
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    Salty Chihuahua
    1 shot tequila
    grapefruit juice
    1 dash salt

    Pour tequila over ice in a cocktail glass. Fill with grapefruit juice and add a dash of salt.

    Rooster Tail
    1 shot Jose Cuervo® Especial gold tequila
    1 shot orange juice
    1 shot tomato juice
    1 dash salt

    Lick hand, add salt, and lick salt. Consume quickly as shots, in order; Jose Cuervo, orange juice, and tomato juice.

    Barking Spider
    1 1/2 oz Tarantula Azul Tequila
    1 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
    3/4 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
    1 dash triple sec
    1 dash sweet and sour mix
    1 splash orange juice

    Serve over ice in a collins glass, or blend for a frozen version of this drink.

    Trojan Horse
    1/2 pint Guinness® stout
    1/2 pint Coca-Cola®

    Mix coke and Guinness in a pint glass.

    Pink Squirrel
    1 oz creme de noyaux
    1 tbsp white creme de cacao
    1 tbsp light cream

    Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.

    Tiger Paw
    2 oz citrus vodka
    2 oz lemon juice
    1 tbsp sugar
    fill with orange soda

    Add vodka, lemon juice, ice, and sugar in a mixing glass and shake. Pour into a cup and add orange soda. Stir.

    Flaming Giraffe
    2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
    1 oz butterscotch schnapps
    1 oz 151 proof rum

    Pour kahlua first into a double shot glass. Add one ounce of butterscotch schnapps. Float 151 proof rum on top and set on fire. Blow out before drinking.

    Love Birds
    1 1/2 oz vodka
    2 oz sweet and sour mix
    1 dash dark rum
    1/2 oz grenadine syrup

    Pour the vodka, sour mix, dark rum and grenadine into an old-fashioned glass filled with crushed or shaven ice. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, and serve.

    Funky Monkey
    1 oz Mount Gay® Barbados rum
    1 oz creme de bananes
    5/8 oz dark creme de cacao
    3 oz coconut milk
    1 banana
    coconut flakes

    Blend with ice until smooth. Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with coconut flakes.

    Red Dragon's Breath
    1 shot DeKuyper® Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps
    1 shot whiskey

    Mix in a shot glass, and serve.


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