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  1. Guy
    Jan 14 - 6:53

    This is absolutely horrid advice. As someone else mentioned, definitely write a cover letter longer than a sentence. But 200 words? That’s about half a page—if that. You’re going to want to try a bit more than that. Your cover letter is a way to show you’re qualified for a position in a way that a résumé never can. And the one thing your cover letter can do that your résumé never can is show off your personality. Are you ambitious, transferring industries, or, yes, even HUMOROUS? A tasteless nazi joke notwithstanding, a joke will not kill your chances. And if it does, ask yourself if you want to work under a manager like that anyway. Sounds like they do you a favor. The examples under these statements are extremes that obviously didn’t go well, but for the love of god *DO* inject your personality, try for about 500 words (but not filler, just write the appropriate length for what you’re trying to convey), *DO* start with a standard “I’m submitting my résumé in consideration for ____” because hiring managers need to know right away and can do without that godawful salesy line they wrote here, and most of all, show off how you’re qualified in a way your résumé can’t, even if that means you’re under-qualified, acknowledge it and tell them why you think you would be a good fit anyway.

    I know this is an old article, but just in case anyone stumbles upon this by googling: DO NOT LISTEN so strongly. Don’t write anything like their examples, but don’t follow the general advice. Go to another article.

  2. Frustrated Applicant
    Dec 16 - 5:20

    Sheesh, right on #1 this is ridiculous. Yes, an application should have more than one sentence, but the rest of your statements are crazy. For an entry level position you expect them to be able to say that they increased sales %500 at a previous company? And you’re mocking someone applying for entry level because they’re a recent graduate? Is there something lower they’re supposed to apply for?

  3. tom
    Apr 11 - 11:33

    “A lot of sales, for instance, is numbers-based. Stick to that.”
    what a bullshit !what if kid just just out of college? any suggestions for them?

  4. Halsoon81
    Sep 28 - 3:47

    RE: “Put in a note saying something like, ‘I’ve been following your
    company’s progress in the last year and in February and I noticed your
    company was mentioned in the Journal of such and such,'” Gurney says.

    Delete and, before I.

  5. olufunmilayo
    Sep 20 - 10:27

    Read this. It looks helpful

  6. olufunmilayo
    Sep 20 - 10:27

    Read this. It looks helpful

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