10 Easy and Delicious Ethnic Dishes

The editors of Taste of Home share 10 flavorful, exotic recipes.

from Taste of Home
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    Crescent Samosas

    Get the Crescent Samosas Recipe

    Thai Vegetable Noodles

    Get the Thai Vegetable Noodles Recipe

    Veggie Shrimp Eggrolls

    Get the Veggie Shrimp Eggrolls Recipe

    Mediterranean Fettuccine

    Get the Mediterranean Fettuccine Recipe

    Flavorful Taco Soup

    Get the Flavorful Taco Soup Recipe

    Chicken Fried Rice

    Get the Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

    Sneaky Lasagna

    Get the Sneaky Lasagna Recipe

    Soft Vegetable Tacos

    Get the Soft Vegetable Tacos Recipe

    Cashew Chicken

    Get the Cashew Chicken Recipe

    Chicken Potstickers

    Get the Chicken Potstickers Recipe
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    • TrifT

      Huh??? Guess you didn’t look at all the dishes…you do know there are white people outside the US…Right?

    • http://twitter.com/christ_sux Jebus Christo

      funny how “ethnic” actually means “non-white”; everyone has ethnicity; I grew up in the largely Scots-Irish Southern United States. When I moved to the Mid-West I discovered foods like pierogies and blintzes. Those are also ethnic foods (associated with specific regions/cultures). Why are white ethnic foods not on your list? Just say non-white – that would actually seem less racist.