10 Funny Photos You Have to See to Believe

Is this dog really as big as a house? Check out the unique perspective in these amazing reader photos.

Compiled by Meaghan Cameron from readersdigest.com
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    Larger Than Life

    Submitted by Laura Jacobson

    I Can Fly!

    Submitted By Melba Mcilwain

    Hanging Parallel

    Submitted by David C. Stone<

    Stunt Dog

    Submitted by Elsa

    Me As Bait

    Submitted by Casper L. Hagan


    Submitted by John Schaefer

    Spit Out

    Submitted by Candy Chan

    Punch Out

    Submitted by Mengühan

    Just Hanging Out

    Submitted by Troy "T.O. Bear" Lynch

    Dogs on Patrol

    Submitted By Kevin Piper