10 Grocery Sales You Didn’t Know to Look for at Thanksgiving, Christmas

The grocery store is where the real holiday deals are!

By Sarah Rae from Reader's Digest Magazine (Adapted from thekitchn.com) | November 2012
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    1. Butter

    The price hovers around $4 a box for most of the year but can drop to $1.99 during the holidays. Since butter freezes nicely, don’t be afraid to just ask for a case. Your local dairy stocker will thank you.

    2. Sugar

    Look for this pantry staple to take a $1 to $2 price cut, with brown sugar and powdered sugar taking the largest dip. Sale terms may limit you to one or two packages per purchase, but there’s no shame in making ten purchases in a row. Just add another grocery item to each transaction, and your sad-eyed cashier might be willing to combine them all into one!

    3. Crackers

    Nothing beats cheese and crackers for impromptu entertaining (or no-time-to-cook nights). Look for sales on snack crackers and saltines; prices usually bottom out between 75 cents and $1 a box.

    4. Frozen vegetables

    Throughout the year, you’ll see sale prices as low as $1 a bag—but during the holidays, that number can drop to as low as 50 cents a bag. I stock up on frozen peas and spinach for quick stir-fries.

    5. Bacon

    It usually sells for $2.50 to $6, but it’s been known to fall to $1.50 a pack around this time. It freezes like a champ, so buy in bulk. It’s a great item to have around for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    6. Oil

    Look for ridiculously great deals on oil at both grocery stores and hardware stores, where it’s sold with the deep fryers for turkeys. A gallon will run about $20 instead of the usual $35.

    7. Poultry and pork

    We all know turkey goes on sale for Thanksgiving. But so do chicken and ham, so buy extra of all three and freeze for winter stews and quick meals. And prices are even better (as low as 40 cents a pound) the week after a holiday, as stores empty their freezers for new products.

    8. Storage supplies

    Stock up on plastic bags and wrap, parchment paper, aluminum foil, and reusable containers for less than half the normal price.

    9. Birthday cake mixes

    Both everyday and seasonal flavors go on deep sales throughout the holidays. Think beyond the gingerbread to upcoming birthdays: This is the time to buy white, yellow, and chocolate mixes. And pick up cupcake liners too: They can drop 50 percent from $3 a pack.

    10. Canned goods

    Chicken broth, soups, green beans, fruit, and pumpkin can be used in countless dishes throughout the next year. Look for deals of half off—or more—on anything used in holiday feasts.


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    • PKVol

      I’d like to know where the bacon can be had for $1.50 a pack (unless that’s a 4 oz package the writer is talking about)?

      • Lei13

        I think they meant it drops by $1.50 per pack

    • marco

      I did notice that canned broth was on sale BOGO at my local store. I stocked up as I use that year round.

    • Erica

      Wow-those price quotes are sure not available in my area. I have seen reductions and sales on the butter and brown sugar , but the rest is wishful thinking. Veggies 50 cents a bag????

    • Missy

      “Your sad eyed cashier may be willing…” What a dirty trick. I wish you would have included the instructions, “Make sure you inform people lining up behind you that you are making multiple purchases so that they can choose whether to wait on you or move to another lane”. This is also a crappy idea because what if the cashier ends up being coached or fired for ignoring store policy and combining all the sales? This is just a rude, irresponsible shopping tactic all the way around. You dropped the ball on this one, RD. It would have been better said to take few items (like 3) and ask if the small amount could be combined. And take a friend or family member and give them the money to do the same, at another lane. If it’s a cash purchase, you have even better leverage. Juusssttt saying.