10 Inexpensive Beauty Tricks Only Stylists Know

Save a little money on your beauty regimen with these inexpensive secrets from the pros.

By Amy Ahlberg
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    1. Baby your brushes

    Good makeup brushes should last a lifetime. If yours look destroyed, here’s how to keep your next brush in tip top shape, according to InStyle’s experts. First, never let your brushes sit with product on them for too long; it can permanently damage the bristles, according to makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Wash them regularly with shampoo or a mild dish detergent. To dry, lay brushes flat on a paper towel, says makeup artist Jake Bailey: “If you put them upright in a cup, water can seep into the base and rot the brush."

    2. Don't redo makeup—refresh it

    There’s no need to remove and re-apply makeup after a mid-day meltdown. “To sop up oil and refresh makeup, lightly mist your face with toner, then pat with a tissue,” salon owner and makeup artist Eva Scrivo tells Marie Claire. Then dust with loose powder for a smooth, velvety finish.

    3. Skip the expensive body scrubs

    Is a spa body treatment beyond your budget? You can easily get silky, smooth skin at home with a homemade body scrub from SheKnows: mix one part olive oil with two parts sugar or salt, then add a few drops of an essential oil (try lavender or grapefruit). Gently massage over your arms and legs before your next shower, then rinse off with warm water.

    4. Prepare before you pucker up

    Smooth, flake-free lips are an essential first step when applying lip color, but you don’t need to buy a lip scrub, personal stylist Fawn Cheng tells SheKnows. Her recipe: Mix equal parts brown sugar, olive oil, and vanilla extract. Gently massage the mixture over lips and remove with a facial tissue. Then proceed as normal with your lipstick routine.

    5. Warm up your foundation with bronzer

    You don’t need to have an arsenal of different face foundations in your beauty kit, according to makeup artist Brett Freedman. She tells Real Simple, “When summer comes and your winter foundation looks too light, you can warm it up by adding a touch of gel bronzer to it. This is way easier and cheaper than buying a brand-new foundation.”

    6. Don't over-powder

    When you’re getting ready on a hot day, don't continuously powder your face as you do your makeup, says makeup artist Lisa O’Connor; you’ll risk ending up with a caked-on effect. “Wait until just before you're ready to go out, then blot excess moisture and set your makeup with powder,” she tells Total Beauty.

    7. Make any lipstick long-lasting

    To reduce your need for touch-ups, Real Simple says to dust a little powder on a folded facial tissue, then press it gently between your lips to blot your lipstick. Bonus: This trick also helps keep color off of your teeth.

    8. Perfect the cat eye

    For an expertly-drawn look you can create at home, use makeup artist Julianne Kaye’s trick. “All you need is a sticky note, business card, or paper towel,” she tells SheKnows. Close the eye you’re going to work on, and line up the note, card, or towel at a slight upward angle. Use it as a guide for creating the signature swooped-up line using your favorite eye liner.

    9. Get tinted lashes–for less

    Salon-tinted eyelashes provide a natural-looking, eye-enhancing effect. But you can create a similarly glossy, non-clumpy look without an appointment, says salon owner and makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. Simply use volumizing mascara and a facial tissue. “Take your mascara wand, dip it in the tube, wipe it on a tissue several times to remove excess product, and then apply it,” she tells Marie Claire.

    10. At the end of the day, Vaseline is the best makeup remover

    Makeup artist—and owner of an eponymous cosmetics line—Laura Geller tells Woman’s Day that she uses Vaseline to take off her eye makeup. It’s a ritual she picked up from her mother, who also used basic petroleum jelly to moisturize her hands. "Just dip a tissue into a jar and wipe your face with downward strokes—all your makeup will come right off," says Geller.

    Watch a video with all of the tips here >>


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    • Jwhitonis

      And now why????? was this pertainant to the article I was about to READ???????????

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SAMXB74HZWTY57T5XIABX3BKNA MYOB

      the best way to get make up off your eyes is coconut oil. for the rest of the face just use a warm water or a good cleanser.never put so many products on your face. esp stuff that has a perfume smell to it.

    • Anonymous

      There is no way that I am smearing vaseline all over my face. My makeup comes off just fine without it.

    • Charity

      Nothing like smearing a petroleum product all over your face! Worst thing you can do. If your makeup doesn’t come off with a simple cleanser, even castile soap, then you’re using the wrong kind of makeup and ruining your skin. When you’re in your 50s you’ll understand.

      • Marja

        Yeah, that’s crazy!  They maybe list it because of waterproof mascara, and how a lot of regular cleansers don’t cut through it.  If someone wants that kind of ease, something like olive oil or even butter would be better than petroleum jelly!  Some companies sell cleansing oils as well.  I only use stuff like that in winter or if my skin’s really dry — the crazy thing is they don’t make me break out.  Most of the time I just use a regular cleanser, and I don’t use waterproof eye makeup, so I don’t need the heavy stuff.

        • Sena Duru

          I know.

      • gg

        I am 60 years old woman.  I’ve used Vaseline all of my life and so did my mom, aunts, etc, etc.  It is the best makeup remover.  But more importantly, it is the best moisturizer ever.  Every night I put a dab of Vaseline on my eyes, eyelashes,  and lips.  I am a 60 year old grandmother with no wrinkles and flawless skin.  My mom didn’t look her age nor did my aunts.  Vaseline has been our beauty regimen for as long as I can remember.  I swear by it.   

        • Nailz29

          Vaseline has no moisturizer in it at all.. it is petroleum based and will block your pores and can make people break out, just like mineral oil based lotion. Vaseline is great to protect the skin from the the wind or good for diaper rash.. etc. it doesnt put moisture back into your skin.. that is false..

    • Emaan Umer

      very niceeeeeeee:)