10 Recipes Nearly as Easy as Boiling Water

Do you have two left spatulas when it comes to cooking? Fear not, sometimes cooking can be as easy as boiling water

By Meaghan Cameron

Do you have two left spatulas when it comes to cooking? Fear not, sometimes cooking can be as easy as boiling water. The following recipes include a little chopping and tossing ingredients into a pot. If you don't know how to boil water, follow these detailed instructions.

Shrimp cocktail

Served at high-class affairs and backyard BBQs alike, shrimp cocktail is as easy as tossing shrimp into some boiling water and serving it with horseradish-spiked ketchup (aka cocktail sauce.) Get creative by serving poached shrimp with a green goddess sauce instead.


No appetizer is more visually appealing. Guests will love peeling the leaves off and dipping them in a simple spiced sauce like this smoked herb mayonnaise.

Vegetable soup

A soup is really just a bunch of vegetables and/or meat boiled in water or stock. An incredibly simple recipe for soup is to sauté onions and garlic in a little cooking oil, add frozen vegetables—asparagus, spinach, peas—top with chicken broth and cook until the vegetables are tender. Then blend and season with salt and pepper. You have nearly instant soup with less sodium than the canned variety. You can also toss in some cheese, cooked chicken, or pasta at the end.

Egg drop soup

To make this Chinese restaurant staple, cook vegetables of your choice in chicken stock without pureeing. Add beaten eggs in thin steam while stirring to make this delicious classic soup thicken up. Try this Ginger-Scallion Egg Drop Soup recipe.


Boiling eggs is the simplest way to a healthy protein-packed meal. The best way is to place the eggs in a single layer in a pot. Cover and bring to a boil. Immediately remove from heat and let sit for 11 minutes. Have an ice bath standing by and toss in to quickly stop the cooking process.& You’ll have perfectly hard boiled eggs for egg salad, deviled eggs and even a Cobb salad.

Pulled Pork

A slow cooker makes everything easy. This pulled pork recipe is as easy as throwing the ingredients in a pot, covering it with water and letting it tenderize itself.

Poached chicken

Simple poached chicken can be used for many dishes such as chicken salad, tacos, chicken soup and more. Try this Balsamic Poached Chicken recipe.

Poached fish

Most fish will respond to poaching very well. The delicate flesh will not be overcooked and will mellow. Long day at work? Nothing could be easier than this simple and healthy recipe for poached fish.


Urban legend about risotto being difficult aside, making this dish is nearly as easy as boiling water. Mix a little cooking oil with onions and garlic, then toss in the rice and stir. Hot broth is added in batches to allow the rice to absorb the liquid, slowly creating that creamy texture with no added fat. Try this simple Asparagus Risotto recipe.

Poached pears

There is no simpler dessert guarantee to wow than a simple poached pear. Top it with store-bought ice cream or whipped cream and you can claim it's (mostly) homemade. Sheknows.com shows you how to use the classic wine, tea and even coffee to poach fruit.

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