10 Savory Recipes Using Watermelon

Watermelon is a staple of summer eating but usually just as a sweet, refreshing treat. Try watermelon in these savory recipes to see just how versatile this fruit can be,

from watermelon.org
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    Watermelon Taboule Stacks With Grilled Chicken

    Taboule is a salad made from bulgur that's packed with good carbs. Layers of watermelon add crunch and the subtle sweetness pairs very well with juicy chicken. Get the recipe.

    Thai Watermelon Salad

    The cubes of watermelon in this salad act like crisp tomatoes, perfectly balancing the Thai spices. Get the recipe

    Blue Watermelon Salad

    Fruit and walnuts balance out pungent and creamy blue cheese in this healthy salad. Get the recipe

    Chicken Salad With Watermelon and Peaches

    This chicken salad hides crisp watermelon and luxuriously sweet peaches. Perfect for a summer lunch on the patio. Get the recipe.

    Watermelon Toasted Jalapeno and Shrimp Pico de Gallo

    The texture of shrimp is a perfect counterpoint to the crisp watermelon in this salsa. Scoop it up with tortilla chips or endive--or just eat it with a spoon. Get the recipe.

    Grilled Chicken Boursin and Watermelon Sandwich

    Watermelon stands in for tomato in this sandwich. The fruit stays much crisper. Try replacing the tomato in other sandwiches with watermelon as well. Would anyone like a BLW (bacon, lettuce, and watermelon)? Get the recipe.

    Dilled Baby Shrimp and Watermelon Napoleons

    Watermelon and shrimp form elegant towers for a dinner party appetizer. This one will wow your guests' taste buds. Get the recipe.

    Grilled Kielbasa With Watermelon Relish

    Sweet and tart relish cuts through the fat of meaty kielbasa. Get the recipe.

    This makes a beautiful appetizer. Peppery arugula, sweet watermelon and the creamy crab salad are a blend of unique flavors and textures. Get the recipe.

    Watermelon Pad Thai

    This unique salad uses pureed watermelon to add a beguiling texture to the sauce without added fat. Get the recipe.


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