10 Foods to Make You Sleepy

Carbohydrate foods that break down quickly during digestion have higher glycemic rankings. These foods may help you fall asleep in half the usual time if you eat them within 4 hours of bedtime by speeding up the release of tryptophan and serotonin, brain chemicals that promote sleep.

By Ellen Michaud with Julie Bain from Sleep to Be Sexy Smart and Slim
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    1. Jelly beans (80)

    The index ranks various foods against pure glucose, which was given a score of 100. Learn more about glycemic index rankings and how the measures were developed.

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    2. Bread. Plain bagel (72), French bread (95)

    3. Snacks. Corn chips (72), pretzels (81), rice cakes (82), Saltine
    crackers (74)

    4. Cereal. Golden Grahams (71), Grapenuts Flakes (80), cornflakes (84)

    5. Potatoes. Mashed potatoes (73), french fries (76), red baked
    potatoes (93)

    6. Instant rice (91)

    7. Sweet snacks. Vanilla wafers (77), graham crackers (74)

    8. Tofu dessert (115)

    9. Watermelon (72)

    10. Honey (73)

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    • Poops

      Yeah well good luck with the nightmares. My grandma says you get them BAD when you eat late. So be careful I guess

    • Mmariec12791

      I find clearing my mind and drinking a warm sugarless chamomile tea with lots of warm milk in it is the best to help me sleep.

    • Tayler estrada

      I wanna learn to go to sleep earliar for school not gain weight and stay up so late (5:00am right now)

    • Snuffy

      The article above states “high glycemic”, and it says they “break down quicker during digestion” and that you eat them “within 4 hours” of going to bed….so…..what is so hard to understand about that??? It’s not like you are eating something that will cling to you, or even hang out in your digestion system past the time allotted before going to sleep. It simply releases chemicals that make sleep easier WHEN you go to bed…. I am not seeing any fatty foods in this group, which WILL make you gain weight.

    • Xeera

      I have a friend who has worked in healh and medicine for years and she told me this is terrible advice, to eat foods high on the glycemic index.

      i eat carrots and drink milk before bed.

    • Chaiokt

      when i am with my gf that time i feel sexy i do sex continusly 3 to 5 time i m active in sex i dont no how to control it

    • Niroj

      i feel sleepe while i am doing workout why