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  1. Larry
    Jan 29 - 8:16

    What about my skin bleeding from open psoriasis sores all over my body? What about my anklosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis making standing up straight more and lore impossible let alone living with the constant pain of calcium shards poking into my muscles and cartilage for the rest of my life? I’ll take controlled amounts of sun exposure and tanning beds any day. Where did these Derms get this information that moderate sun exposure was bad for you? I have never seen any metadata or scientific study results for any of this conjecture. I welcome some actual proof other than suntan lotion companies promoting their Sunblock SPF 2,000,000 that causes kin cancer faster than UV exposure. Makes me wonder why the African slaves brought to North America even existed. They all should have been dead of melanoma about 100 AD. Now we are going to hear how the black people are different and the example wouldn’t apply?

    • data1202
      May 18 - 10:22

      I don’t understand your argument. What about psoriasis? I didn’t read anything that suggested hiding from the light of day forever. And the article addresses people with darker skin pigmentation.

  2. guest
    Oct 25 - 4:24

    You know what, I know that sun damage is harmful, but what about the effects of these chemicals on our skin? Low vitamin D levels. I mean with repeated use Im leary because after much use wearing sunscreen and being out in the sun, I mean using 70 proof Neutrogena, I still developed a freckle under all that chemical in the area I had totally covered. I bought into the sunscreen and believe it does help somewhat. I know melanoma is very real, I have a cousin who got it in her 20’s and it was successfully removed, she did frequent tanning beds btw. My question is does all sun bathing lead to cancer, is it basically destruction of the skin? Is the sun stronger then it was years and years ago? I just miss the thought of spending time by the pool getting a tan!

  3. Bhagyashree Rana
    Jun 09 - 12:39

    Very useful facts n these are actually very common sunscreen related myths..Thanks for the information.

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