10 Ways to Use Technology to Find What You Want

Keep these tips on hand for locating everything in your life.

By Joe Kita from Reader's Digest | March 2010

The TV Remote
If you’re forever misplacing it (or your keys or your purse), consider the KeyRinger. It operates on the same principle as the Find button on a cordless phone. Press one KeyRinger, and it triggers a “loud, distinctive sound” and a “bright flashing light” in its mate, which can be up to 300 feet away. Order the $29.95 sets at keyringer.com (or call 800-776-4888).

Your Car in a Giant Parking Lot
You’re so goofy with fatigue after a full day at Walt Disney World that you can’t remember if you parked in Mickey or Pluto. What to do? Tell the tram driver the approximate time you arrived, and he’ll drop you in the vicinity. Then walk the rows, pressing the alarm button on your remote. To keep this from happening again in any giant lot, download Car Finder, a 99-cent iPhone app by Intridea. (BlackBerry’s Carfinder, by Neosistec, is free.) After you park, use it to get a GPS fix. When it’s time to go home, it’ll guide you back. Do the same with portable GPS units by setting your parking spot as a waypoint.

The Best Seat in Coach
Click on seatguru.com. Indicate the airline and type of plane you’ll be flying, and you’ll see an easy-to-read schematic of the most accommodating seats.

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