11 Hilarious Restaurant Sign Fails

Amusing, silly, and downright weird signs from eating establishments across the country.

from readersdigest.com
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    The Uneatable Feast

    Only $14.99.

    Ice and a Side of Bacon

    Because everything's better with bacon.


    We'll just pull up and order, thanks.

    Only in Ohio

    Three for the price of one.

    I Prefer Mine Hot

    Amazing how they get the tiny fans in the meat like that.

    Extra Value Meal?

    You got change for a $500?

    Painful Food

    What a mysore that restaurant is!

    Dressed Up Turkey Dinner

    Black tie optional.

    Diner in Alaska

    How they do it up north.

    Healthy Establishment

    But does the rice get stuck in the blender?

    One Can Dream!

    Good for class of '09, '10, '11, '12, and '13.


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