The 12 Cats of Christmas: Sing Along!

An updated carol, so you and your feline can haz all the holiday cheer.

By Brandon Specktor
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    Matthias Zirngibl / Wikimedia Commons

    On The Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Kitten Gave to Me...

    Jim / Wikimedia Commons

    ...12 Plumbers Plumbing...

    Scott Granneman / Wikimedia Commons

    ...11 Neighbors Griping...

    Rachel Luxemburg / Wikimedia Commons

    ...10 Tantrums Sleeping...

    Milan Nykodym / Wikimedia Commons

    ...9 Shady Glances...

    Chris / Wikimedia Commons

    ...8 Mice A-Freakin'...

    Glaue2dk/ Wikimedia Commons

    ...7 Free Plant Trimmings...

    Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez / Wikimedia Commons

    ...6 Attempts at Spaying...

    pinguino k / Wikimedia Commons

    ...5 VI-RAL MEEEEEMES!...

    Joyce-Rhiannon / Wikimedia Commons

    ...4 LOLling Nerds...

    Wilson Afonso / Wikimedia Commons

    ...3 New Friends...

    Eli Duke / Wikimedia Commons

    ...2 Awesome Hugs...

    Böhringer Friedrich / Wikimedia Commons

    ...And a Heart-Warming Christmas for Me!


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    • Marian

      Just Precious Send more. Love cats.

    • anon

      I don’t much like the doomed mouse being gnawed to death by kitty.

    • dojobo

      no music

    • Jessica Jacquet

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