12 Funny Things Your Christmas Tree Says About You

What your lights, be they multi-colored, white, or blinking, reveals to holiday company, plus the meaning behind the ornaments you hang.

By Rebecca Munsterer from Reader's Digest | December 2009
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    White lights: You ask houseguests to remove their shoes.

    Multicolored lights: You’re an extrovert.

    Blinking Lights: You have attention deficit disorder.

    Homemade ornaments: You have lots of children.

    Strung Popcorn: You have too much time on your hands.

    Red balls only: You wish you lived in a department store.

    Yellow star on top: You’re traditional.

    Glowing Santa on top: You shop at Kitsch ‘R’ Us.

    Cutoff top: You didn’t measure the tree.

    Vague evergreen smell: You bought a healthy tree.

    Strong evergreen smell: You sprayed your tree with Pine-Sol.

    Just plain smelly: There’s a dead bird in your tree.


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