13 Foods That Scare You Away

We asked which foods you were scared to try. Here are some of them with recipes to give you a foray into new flavors. Try one tonight!

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Habaneros can be very hot but used in small amount and they add an almost citrusy depth of flavor you cannot get anywhere else as in the recipe shown above.

Get the Jerk Pork With Grilled Pineapple recipe

Many people fear beets, but their natural sweetness is easily teased out to please the most fickle palates. Plus, they are a powerful cancer fighter according to the World's Healthiest Foods website and an excellent source of folate, a mineral that is of utmost importance during pregnancy.

Get the Balsamic Beets With Toasted Pecans recipe

The recipe above will give you your cheesecake and tofu too. You won't be able to tell this creamy dessert is made with this healthy food. Did you know that tofu is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, the same beneficial fats found in salmon?

Get the Marbled Cheesecake recipe

Lima Beans
Try buttery lima beans in place of chickpeas in your favorite hummus recipe. They also add a delicious texture to this warming, vitamin-packed soup.

Get the Mushroom & Winter Vegetable Soup recipe

This sandwich is made with canned salmon that is kicked up with the flavors of sushi. Consider it a gateway sandwich.

Get the Salmon Sandwiches With Wasabi Mayonnaise recipe

Squid hides among other healthy seafood in this tasty wrap.

Get the Creamy Seafood Wraps recipe

Simple, elegant and refined, these little eggs are feared by many. However, try any type of roe on top of hors d'oeurves like these for a salty touch. Or just make the edible cups for any other topping you are not afraid of.

A frequently feared food, we urge you to try blending buttery liver into a pate. Liver is off the charts in B12 and many other B vitamins for high energy so a little goes a long way. Turkey and turkey livers are pureed with lentil to create a low-fat, creamy textured dip in this recipe.

Get the Turkey and Lentil Pate recipe

The dark meat of duck can scared people away, but its succulent flavor needs to be tried. You'll be a convert. This bright salad stars seared duck breast which pairs perfectly with the tart sweetness of pomegranate and oranges.

Get the Duck, Rice, Mushroom and Orange Salad recipe

High in protein, B vitamins and other nutrient, rabbit has been enjoyed for centuries. Try something new today. You'll never guess the succulent meat in this stew is rabbit.

Get the Spanish Rabbit and Chickpeas recipe

Okra and gumbo cannot be separated. The crunchy vegetable swims among delicate pieces of crab in this New Orleans classic dish helping to thicken the stock.

Get the Crab Gumbo recipe

Fish Sauce
Those wary of seafood in general are probably petrified of fermented fish sauce. However you may use the American equivalent and not even know it: Worcestershire sauce. This dark brew has anchovies to that create a beguiling tang. Fish sauce is less scary among the spicy yet delicate flavors in this Thai dish.

Get the Pad Thai recipe

Passion Fruit
The fearful insides of passion fruit are teased into this luscious but light Italian dessert.

Get the Passion Fruit and Honey Zabaglione recipe

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