13 Funny Road Signs

Keep your eyes on the road for hilarious signs like these and try not to laugh.

Compiled by Meaghan Cameron from readersdigest.com
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    Aussie Humor
    -- By Linda Nemeth

    Driver's Choice
    --By Janette Johnson

    A Good Home
    --By Margaret Gannon

    Check Your Speed
    --By Christina L.

    Humble, Texas
    --By Jennifer Marshall

    Crossroads? --By Karen Quillen

    Unclear Message--By Josephine B. Omengan

    Generic Street Name
    --By Joseph Earthman

    Preaching: 1 Mile
    --By Joy Jewett

    Noble Park
    --By Carlos Linares

    Life in Maine
    --By Tricia Bowdoin

    Odd Choice
    --By Brianna Pfremmer

    Dry Humor
    --By Jamie Meegan