13 Probiotic-Filled Foods

Wondering how to get more probiotics into your diet? Here are 13 foods to get you started.

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    Not all yogurts are the same, so watch out for yogurts filled with sugars and syrups. Instead, pick yogurts that have natural ingredients and say “live and active cultures” for maximum health and probiotics benefits.
    Cocoa-Yogurt Cake Recipe

    Kombucha tea (fermented tea)

    Found in Asian grocery stores and health food stores, Kombucha tea is a dark tea that has been found to increase energy and help with the stomach’s natural digestion. Try it hot or iced.

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    Miso soup

    Popular in Japanese restaurants, miso soup is a tofu and vegetable broth soup that’s low in calories and high in probiotics and protein. Often available at the grocery store to make at home, it’s a healthy and delicious break from the normal canned soup.

    Plus: Miso Cod with Buttered Mushrooms Recipe

    Soy milk

    Soy naturally contains some probiotic benefits, but new soy milk products on the market have added extra live cultures. Look for labels that say “live and active cultures” to be sure.

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    A cross between yogurt and milk, kefir is a delicious way to get probiotics and vitamins into your system. Try it flavored or plain over healthy granola, fruit, or as a smoothie-like drink.


    Who knew this delicious pickled cabbage dish also contained probiotics? Add a scoop on your favorite hot dog or eat as a side dish.

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    Though it’s relatively new to the market, there are a few types of milk that contain added probiotics. Some research has concluded that probiotic milk may cause gas and bloating in kids and the elderly, so check with your doctor to make sure it’s okay for use in your home.

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    Dark chocolate

    Delicious and nutritious – really! Dark chocolate contains probiotics and antioxidants to keep your stomach healthy and your sweet tooth satisfied.

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    Sometimes called “blue algae,” microalgae is a grassy, green plant that’s often used in juices. Check your local health food store or juice bar to try this unexpectedly delicious treat.


    Whether you like them sweet or dill, pickles contain a good amount of probiotics for your system. Add to your sandwiches for some crunch.


    Made from soy protein, tempeh is a delicious meat substitute that’s full of vitamin B12 and probiotics. Try it baked, grilled, or sautéed for a tasty meatless meal.

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    A popular Korean side dish, kimchi is fermented and pickled cabbage that can be very spicy. Filled with vitamins, calcium, and probiotics; it’s an excellent and hot way to stay healthy.

    Plus: Fatty Crab's Kimchi Slaw Recipe


    Olives in brine have large amounts of probiotics because the brine allows the probiotic cultures to thrive. Snack on your favorite type of olive or add to a salad or pizza.

    Plus: Olives: A Powerhouse Food

    Sources: Mayo Clinic, WebMD, Harvard Medical School, Global Healing Center, Slate.com


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    • Gina

      Aren’t pickles and sauerkraut made with vinegar these days? I’d go for the natural, traditionally-made stuff and read the label: if it contains vinegar, then it’s not the real thing.

    • Fasil

      good article

    • greenherbinc

      Thanks for sharing such a very useful post Its good to be here,
      very nice post, the content is amazing, keep posting friend it will be very
      helpful for everyone, Thanks for sharing. I really liked it.

    • ana totten

      i think this candida thing is real, i have no menstrual cycle yeast infections very easy aside that i being married for 11 years my husband an i we used condom because i dont like the pill, and i still have yeast infections, recently skin problems and i overweight by 120 extra pounds, i feel tired all the time, depress and i crave sugary foods always. i really thing this candida thing is real all this food is food i dont like, i just dont like it but i guess if i want to be beter i need to eat more probiotics.

      • Shay

        Try Keybiotics . Its Amazing !

      • rex

        that is disgusting. I’m not sure why human beings like you are even allowed to live. You should just kill yourself or someone needs to give you a lethal injection.
        Life unworthy of life.

    • steph

      Candida takes over your stomach and makes you feel depressed so eat probiotics to stop it and stay away from sugars and fat

    • Dr. Tron

      Again, tempeh “Try it baked, grilled, or sautéed for a tasty meatless meal.” You don’t get any probiotics when you heat em up – you’ll kill them.

    • Dr. Tron

      Don’t think milk should be a good source of probiotics. Maybe a source of probiotics but not a good one, as milks’ primary function is to develop osteoporosis

      • steph

        read… it says there are milk with added probiotics

        • Wholly Guacamole

          All milk has probiotics in it, but also have the chemical Aspartame. (Food companies recently added this ingredient.) If you want REALLY good probiotic dairy, then try fresh milk. Not only is it better for you but it tastes wonderful as well. :)

          • Ashley

            That is so true

    • Dr. Tron

      Bacterias are killed above 45 degrees celcius. Don’t think tea should be a good source of probiotics as tea is 95 degrees.

      • Jose

        “bacteria are killed above 45 celcius”

        A generalized, Incorrect statement