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  1. Deb Swift
    Jan 27 - 10:56

    Most of these are not true. There are laws that a body cannot be waked unless it is embalmed. The money you prepay for your funeral is put in a trust so it doesn’t make any difference if the funeral home goes out of business, at least in my state that is the way it is. The caskets you buy at discount are not the same quality as funeral home caskets. A relative is a funeral director and I get to hear the horror stories like handles breaking off when the casket is being carried in church. The bed of the casket can be made of cardboard so when the body is placed in it drops to the bottom

  2. Bill Sparkington
    Jan 02 - 7:55

    I got this call a few years ago from a friend in a town about 90 miles away. A long lost mutual friend had passed away of cancer. I didn’t know he had moved there. When he got sick, he named my buddy as executor of his estate. But he died dirt poor. He donated his car to a charity so it was not available to sell. So we went to the local funeral home and he took the case on for charity. First, he got the city to donate plot in the city owned cemetery and they would cover opening and closing costs. I’m figuring it wouldn’t have a fault. The marker was coming from the VA. The funeral home owner said he could do everything at cost for right at $500. That would cover a basic bronze colored casket, body prep, death certificates, final transport to church then cemetery. Our friend died rather bitter at his family but another mutual friend had contact with a sister and he called her. She just could not stand missing her own brother’s funeral. So she flew in and drove rental car into town. She met with the funeral home operator and covered the costs. She then said she would be happy to pay the city for the plot but he suggested she not do that. So it was a basic funeral at the church then we went to the cemetery. Our friend would have been happy about the city’s choice of plot. He was buried around kids that had died at an old children’s home. His last job was a school bus driver. I guess in his philosophical alternate dimension where he now exists, he drives those kids to a nice school. On the drive home, he gets into Jung, Martin Luther, and Plato, something he did on our long road trips.

  3. kennybaird
    Dec 28 - 1:42

    I am 70% disabled and served from 9/29/76 to 9/29/79 do i qualify?

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